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Europe has been producing a lot of car brands in the automotive industry and France has its share in the guise of Peugeot as well. In the global automotive industry, Peugeot has long since become one of the strong contenders, even giving the carmakers from Germany a run for their money. Currently, Peugeot is the second largest auto manufacturer in the whole of Europe, with hot hooves following Germany’s Volkswagen, of course.
Peugeot is actually the brand that comes with the merger of PSA Peugeot Citroen. Interestingly, Peugeot did not actually start out to be part of the car assembly business. Rather, its original focus was the manufacture of bicycles – that is, up until 1926. At the time, the automotive market was starting to show a strong hold in the industry, thereby prodding Peugeot to make that wise move of delving into the automotive business as well.

Being one of the largest car brands to ever hit the market, it is but natural for Peugeot to have massive funds, giving them quite the advantageous leverage in acquiring Citroen back in 1974. At the time, Peugeot owned 30% of the merger, and in just one short year, it then completely acquired its fellow French automaker. This combination gave the merged companies many years of strong presence in the market, forged by cooperation and affiliation all throughout.

One great result of this merger is Peugeot’s enhanced performance in the motorsport market segment. Peugeot has been doing particularly well on its own when it comes to motorsport. But with the technology that Citroen has long been boasting of, the brand name has definitely become stronger and more recognized than ever.

Another interesting feature that comes with these cars is the way their cars are modeled and named. Sequential numbers in the form of three digits are used in naming the models released by Peugeot. However, in actuality, these numbers do not merely function as identifying codes at all. These numbers are actually descriptors assigned to the models to help the company identify and distinguish one model from another.

When it comes to design, Peugeot has definitely gone through much evolution throughout the years. It did not take too long for the people behind Peugeot to realize that success goes beyond having premier engine performance. With this realization came the modern car designs Peugeot is famously known for. With more ergonomic designs in the market, Peugeot cars have definitely become as fashionable as they should be.